Friday, February 8, 2013

A Day In The Life

Thursday, February 7th to be exact.

morning coffee and journaling
my lunch/breakfast 
barista times
an attempt at latte art


date night with the husband at a local diner

second part of date night: Spitfire Grill

the set for the musical. it was fantastic!

a typical end to the night: hang outs at the 719

Dear food, here's to you for posing so well. You're a natural.
But really, it felt strange to take pictures of my food. It actually just felt strange to carry a camera around all day and take pictures of ordinary happenings. 
I realized however, as I was looking at all of the pictures from my day, that it is quite nice to look at the ordinary every once in awhile. It's a peaceful picture, and a great reminder of how blessed I am. 

Happy Friday brave ones.

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