Monday, September 9, 2013

{Project Life}: for the scrapbook challenged.

My past attempts at scrap-booking have been at best, a place to keep some photos. At worst, mangled pages that look as if a three year old got into some glue and stickers. In fact, it looks like someone with ill intent made those pages- limbs are missing in photos, heads are floating, there are smudges across the page, lots of exclamation points and failed attempts at writing pretty. I swear I was just trying to preserve memories in a creative way and not make it look as if I wanted to murder all of my friends.

I am definitely craft-challenged. For awhile, my inability to scrapbook made me scoff at those who successfully scrapbooked: 
"It's SO lame when people try to take cool pictures and make cool memories and stuff ."
"I have like a thousand better things to do- like play Nancy Drew computer games with my best friend and eat cheese." 
Ah yes, to be completely self-unaware.
I now embrace my inability to be crafty and have found a rather easy way to scrapbook.
I'd like to share.

One of my best friends and roommates from college, Rachel, is probably the most crafty person I know.  Although she'd be able to make a blank scrapbook page look like magic, she started to use this scrapbooking kit called Project Life. It's seriously the easiest thing for someone like me. I'll show pictures of what I've done so far:

You start with a few basic things:
1. A core kit. Most of those pretty pieces of paper came in the core kit and are made specifically for the vellum sheets. The one I am using is the Kraft Core-Kit.
2. Vellum sheets- the reason why this project is so easy. There are various packets of said sheets that have a different array of pockets. This takes the guesswork out of negative space and all of the awkward-ness that follows. 
3. A binder. I don't have one yet, but I might make a binder instead of purchasing one.

If you aren't among the Scrapbooking gods, then I suggest giving this a go. It's easy, fun, and probably better than playing Nancy Drew computer games and eating cheese all day (although somewhat debatable). 


  1. I love Project Life! You have super pretty handwriting - and that makes your pages look awesome. Enjoying the blog!
    -Andie Rea

  2. Thanks Andie! I've been enjoying team Gandie's blog also. It looks like South Korea is treating you two well!

  3. Hi Kelly! Totally bookmarking your blog. I'm so happy for you guys, living in the Blue Ridge Mountains..."over near Tennessee" ! And this Project Life thing is awesome! It reminds me of a much more thoughtful, creative, and crafty form of Instagram. I might have to hop on the wagon!

    1. Audi! It's so great to hear from you. We are definitely loving it here in the mountains... it's quite the change of scenery from Greenville. Are you blogging at all?? I'd love to see what you and Nick are up to these days!

  4. yay! i'm so glad to see your pages- they are beautiful. are you doing it weekly? after a full year of doing a spread each week, i think i might do a spread each month (with maybe 4 pages for the month). i love having weekly spreads, but right now i'm not taking enough pictures for a weekly spread. also, this is pretty inspiration for taking more photos of our lives:

    1. Razc- I don't think I'll be doing it weekly, but rather whenever I take enough photos or have something to put in. I'm hoping that this means almost every week, which has been the case so far. I love the idea of taking more photos too! Thanks for sharing that link, she is on the ball with her photo taking. Miss you.