Thursday, October 24, 2013

Discoveries, Changes and Stuffz.

Dear Discoveries, Changes and Stuff,
Thanks for keeping Michael and I preoccupied this past month. You met us when we were fresh and ready to tackle whatever you had in mind, and you left us not only with new places, sights, items and conversations but also a bit tired and a bit weirder than when you found us. Keep doing your thang.

Here are a few exciting, nerdy, new, fun, and terrible (only one) things from this past month:

One of our favorite additions to making our space feel more like a cozy home are our new stringed lights:

We found the coolest town, Floyd, not that far away from us. The town held their annual Oktoberfest and we were able to enjoy live folk music, local food and beer:

My bestie, Erica, sent me a pillow with squirrels on it (we call each other Squirrel. Because we can):

Michael's mighty beard is back and ready to deter the winter winds:

We have some new housemates that are much smarter and faster than we are. Michael likes to swear at them:

We were able to travel to North Carolina and see some of our other besties, Jordan and Niqui:                               

Our frequent topic of conversation this past month and Michael's current obsession: tiny houses. Our plan is to take over the world with tiny house communities. Prepare yoself:

Michael got me into his childhood favorite, Star Trek: Voyager. I'll just say this: I'm a straight up nerd now. Live long and prosper, snitches. 

Oh, and also,
I traded in my Starbucks apron for some teacher clothes- I got a new job!
As much as I liked my co-workers at Starbucks, my schedule was not working for Michael and I. Our days were completely opposite- I'd work nights, he has classes during the day, and I'd work weekends and he has weekends off.  It was enough to make us feel like we might not enjoy the next two years in Virginia if my schedule was to remain the same.

Not long after I started to talk with Michael about finding another job, I received a call from our local Elementary School asking if I could interview for a Special Education Aide position. I was offered the job a few days later, and I started a week ago! It has really been a blessing thus far. Not only do Michael and I have similar schedules now, but I am extremely excited about what I am doing. In a nutshell, I work side by side with two kids, a 3rd grade girl in the morning and 4th grade boy in the afternoon. I help whenever they need assistance in the classroom, and occasionally teach them in a one-on-one setting.  I think it will be one of the most challenging jobs I've had to date, but probably one of the most rewarding as well. 

We've been blessed so far by our time in Virginia. Here's to many more discoveries, changes and stuff.



  1. Ahhh, we have a mouse too! It's pooping in our microwave, amoung other places. Thanks for the update KBT. Love you!

  2. Love reading this! Your adventures are so cool, and unique to the stage of life you are in right now. The lights look super cool and tiny houses rock socks. I hope you guys always keep on dreaming and by default affecting those around you with love and God's kindness. You two are the coolest...and besides, you both have some gifts coming to you in the mail. Love you so much!